Monica Hershaft, Founder of MLH Wellness Holistic Health & Nutrition Center

Hi, I’m Monica and I want to share my story with you so that you can understand how and why I was inspired to become a holistic nutrition practitioner through my own journey to recovering my health. Thankfully, at almost 50 years old, I’m healthier and feeling better now than I ever have in my life!

So, here’s what happened to me….In 1999, I did a detox program that all my friends were doing. Honestly, it seemed like the cool, hip thing to do because everybody was doing it…and I wanted to be part of it!

I was on the detox for 3 months taking many synthetic supplements, exercising, and spending A LOT of time in the sauna. From the first day on the program, I started to get really sick right away.

As the weeks passed, I got progressively sicker and sicker to the point where the skin under my eyes was coming off, I stopped sleeping more than 2 hours at a stretch, my heart was pounding, I couldn’t eat without getting sick and had constant headaches and emotional reactivity. Everything easily upset me or moved me to tears and I was extremely fatigued and had trouble standing up for long periods of time.

I went from doctor to doctor and all of my labs were normal and nobody could seem to find anything wrong with me. One doctor tested me to see if I was being poisoned by someone in my household. This was amusing as I lived alone with my dog. He refused to see me again after the tests came back negative. Another doctor asked me “Have you tried pepto bismol” and admitted he honestly didn’t know what to do to help me and had no suggestions for my next step. A third doctor told me it sounded like I was depressed and needed anti depressants…and so on and so on…This went on for years during which I grew progressively worse.

At this point, I was too sick and weak to drive myself to the doctor or stand up long enough to take a shower. Eventually, 4 years into this “illness”, I found something that was able to push me through to the next stage of recovery. Finally, some answers! Using a specific muscle testing (applied kinesiology) technique, a diet and supplement program was developed that was unique to my own body. Each week that went by, I had more and more hours of being able to function normally.

This program required eating animal protein to help repair the body. This was a difficult choice for me. I had been born and raised a vegan…not just a vegan but the daughter of a world famous animal rights activist. I had been raised going to rallies and watching films about animal slaughter and watching my dad speak on national television programs about being a vegetarian.

At this point, I was so sick, I was willing to drink my own pee if it would get my health back! I actually had to take supplements to re-teach my body how to break down and absorb the animal protein I was now eating because I had stopped producing the HCL that I needed to help my body assimilate the protein properly so that my body could begin to repair itself.

I was feeling excited about the future and more and more interested in researching what I was going through and how it all worked. Eventually, I went to the school and went on to receive my advanced clinical training certification. Being able to help others brought me a satisfaction that was beyond gratifying.

Over time, through my training, I was able to finish repairing myself fully and not only restored my health; but, was feeling better than I ever had before! It was a long road, but I couldn’t have done it without persistence and the certainty that it wasn’t in my head and there really was something wrong with me.

I’ve finally told my dad I’m a “meat eater” now and he’s learned to accept my new way of life and even become supportive and proud. (We’ve agreed to disagree….) I’ve learned that lab work is limiting because many people have symptoms earlier on the disease chain than it will show up in labs. Also, most doctors in the United States don’t have training in nutrition or how to address issues that are affecting people before it will show up in a lab. Muscle testing has proven far more accurate based on the experiences I went through in the last 12 years from patient to practitioner. Quite simply, my experiences taught me that muscle testing catches things earlier.

I want to get the word out to as many people as possible. When I was blogging about my experiences, so many people wrote to me about having something wrong with them that nobody could figure out. Many of them had been put on anti depressants or anti anxiety meds and had to either move back in with their parents or quit their jobs. They had nobody to talk to about what they were going through and no idea what to do about it. On top of it, the psyche meds weren’t helping. It’s embarrassing to not know what’s wrong with you and people think you are just being a drama queen. Friends and family become alienated. You feel judged and misunderstood. Nobody understands what that’s like the way I do.

I want to help people understand and realize that there are so many options out there for them to get their health back. They don’t have to turn everything over to someone else. They can become empowered to take their health into their own hands over time with the right information and knowledge to apply.

My attention to detail and true passion and care for people and helping them achieve their perfect health is based on personal experience and a real understanding of what others are going through. You can see by reading my Yelp reviews that I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to help many people that have been at the end of their rope and had no other alternatives as well as those who just wanted to achieve their optimum level of health and immune function.

I’ve worked with and helped address many auto immune conditions from Hashimotos to IBD, diabetes, hormone balancing, and more. I’ve helped get rid of allergies, food sensitivities, digestive issues and much more! If you think you are sick and nobody can figure it out and your labs are normal, I’m your person. You are not crazy and it’s NOT in your head. Trust your body…it’s telling you if something is not right.

Practicing now at my holistic health & nutrition center in Los Angeles, I’m joyfully fulfilling my purpose in helping others achieve their ideal health. Let me be clear…I do not diagnose or treat any illnesses or disease. I simply help support the body and help build up the immune system by balancing the body through a customized program of diet, whole food supplements, and homeopathy so that the body can do the job it was meant to do and repair and heal itself.

What I do is not a substitute for medical care and I do not tell people to go off their meds. They make that decision for themselves or with their doctors when they feel better. Most of the time, I’ve found clients to no longer need their meds once they’ve completed our program!

I am not just interested in helping people feel better; but, in helping people to learn how they got in the condition they are in now and how to prevent it from happening in the future. Education is a huge part of the program we provide to people on a weekly basis at MLH Wellness.

I’m currently expanding my knowledge on a regular basis and I continue to train and study. I’m writing a book about my experiences and what I’ve learned over the years about how we get sick, how to get our health back AND how to prevent slowly returning to your original state of illness (or dis-ease).

I look forward to helping many more people and making a difference in the years to come. “Treat the source….not the symptom!” Xo Monica