Beautycounter – Skincare and Cosmetics Toxic Makeup Chemical Free

What we apply to our skin has an affect on our health just as much as the things we consume do. Therefore it is important to use high quality clean and natural products. Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. Did you know that the United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938? The European Union has spent the past two decades banning or restricting more than 1.300 ingredients – the U.S. has only banned 11 to date. Beautycounter’s ingredient selection is the strictest in the industry banning more than 1.500 ingredients – all while ensuring optimal performance.

The Purified Home – Home Assessment – Zach Pelzer – (800)-407-1053     purified home

In today’s world, the constant exposure to smog, poor indoor air quality, contaminated water, artificial lighting and unnatural electrical environments cause distress to the human body. When homeostasis and the adaptive capacity of the body are compromised, symptoms and illnesses emerge. The Purified Home completes in an home assessment which includes analysis, testing and remediation for air quality, water quality, lighting and EMF. The Purified Home improves indoor air quality through identification and elimination of contaminants. They also reduce the exposure to unnatural light frequencies by retrofitting existing systems with bulbs that simulate natural light. For water quality, The Purified home identifies and eliminates common contaminants leaving you with healthier hair and skin and naturally filtered water that flows from every faucet in your home. And for EMF testing, The Purified Home identifies and eradicated unnatural electrical environments and competing frequencies.

Goodnight Naturals- Organic Mattresses & Pillows- Paul Hirschberger (323) 255-7668

With over 25 years of experience providing outstanding customer service, Good Night Naturals is dedicated to being your resource for a safe and healthy sleep. Our organic mattresses are designed to eliminate toxic chemicals widely used in the mattress and bedding industry. Toxic chemicals used in the mattress and bedding have scientists and doctors concerned about their long term effects on our health, especially on the developing bodies and brains of children. A Washington Post article sited studies in laboratory animals and humans have linked the most scrutinized flame retardants, PDBEs, to thyroid disruption, memory and learning problems, delayed mental and physical development, lower IQ, advanced puberty and reduced fertility. Other flame-retardants have been linked to cancer. By using PureGrow™wool, a natural fire-retardant, we’ve eliminated the need for toxic chemical fire-retardants. Another benefit of natural materials is that you never want you or your bed to be too hot or too cold. Bed temperature can adversely affect your sleep. You fall asleep faster if your body temperature is just right, not too hot or too cold. PureGrow™wool naturally works with the body to maintain it’s natural temperature balance, allowing you to maintain a deep and sound sleep

Ma Maison de Beaute-Skin Care- Diana Podeanu (310) 385-0643 Ma Maison de Beaute

This is my personal skin care specialist that I have been using for many years. I highly recommend her and love her! Here’s some info about her: “Our years of experience treating both minor and severe skin care problems has given us the opportunity to perfect our treatments, deliver amazing results, and most importantly, change the lives of our clients.  We can bring your dream of  having clear, vibrant skin to reality through oxygen treatments and ultrasonic dermabrasion which improves the skin’s elasticity and suppleness by helping to strengthen the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin. We offer many esthetic services ranging from Eyebrow Shaping, and Organic Spray Tans to Skin Laser Treatments. We are also well known for offering the most pain-free bikini waxing with our chamomile and azulene wax from Italy which is renowned for its anti-anflammatory and soothing agents which is excellent for sensitive skin”.

Mold and Water Damage Home-Dry Right Restoration-Jim Schuelke (800) 379-0334

I deal with people who are sick from mold on a frequent basis. I’ve dealt with this sort of thing in the past and it is very difficult to get someone who knows what they are doing AND actually shows up when they say they will AND follow up with you AND deliver the estimate within 24 hours AND are extremely knowledgeable AND really actually care about you and your health and helping you AND on top of that….ARE COMPETITIVELY PRICED! Jim and Dry Right Restoration are all of the above and then some.
That being said, please don’t trust anybody to handle mold that doesn’t know what they are doing. It slowly will start to affect your respiratory function, heart (cardiac), sleep, skin, headaches and the list goes on. It’s a horrible experience to go through and most people do not know how to fix it properly. The ones that do, frequently over price themselves and don’t show up when they say they will or just fail to follow up or return calls. Jim and Dry Right Restoration, have pride and care in what they do.

Chiropractor-Dr. Mike Pangelinan  (818) 824-4878Mike Pangelinan

I’ve never met a doc like dr mike. To this day, throughout my 10 year illness, he was the only doc that never gave up on me. He kept me as comfortable as possible during a time when I was in so much pain and helped alleviate so much discomfort. He always finds time to see me no matter what and he always makes me feel important. He is literally the best chiropractor I’ve ver found and can adjust an occiput like nobody’s business. He’s also very compassionate, caring, and thorough. Look no further….you’ve come to the right place!

Feng Shui-PK Odle (877) 288-1669PK

PK Odle is quirky, funny, and sharp as a razor! One of the best people in her field for sure. I love her. She is a purist, which I LOVE and extremely detailed and thorough. I have been feng shui’d before but never like this. She really takes the time to make sure you completely understand what you are doing and when and why and how and takes away the overwhelm of “doing it right” by making it so user friendly and applicable. She’s very accessible and available to explain and has very usable and practical suggestions. She provides tools on her website as well as in your reading to really make sure you can apply everything properly and correctly. I’ve experienced so much benefit from her work. I will use her again and again and refer her to everybody I know!