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MLH Wellness is a holistic health and nutrition center. If you are like most people who come to us for help, then most likely you have health issues that are impacting your life AND you have probably tried other methods and did not get results. You know these conditions are not going to get better unless you make a change. If you are ready to be in charge of your own health, then you have come to the right place.

We don’t provide a band-aid for your symptoms. We don’t provide temporary solutions. What we do is create a tailor-made program for your unique body to restore your health and immune function.

No two bodies are alike. We customize a balancing program of supplementation and diet as well as personalized coaching and recommendations for lifestyle changes. This program is tailored for your unique body and circumstances to help it self correct and repair properly.

This is a complete coaching wellness program. You will be advised and coached and educated on water, food, cell phone and laptop radiation and EMF, cookware, environmental toxins and what to do about them and healthier beauty regimens to apply in your daily life!

What we do here at MLH Wellness is for the person who is ready to take their health back into their own hands and commit and be empowered!

Holistic Consult & Exam $280

Holistic Consult Asyra ScanA holistic consultation , exam, & report of findings is actually two visits and they are about an hour each. The cost for both visits together is $280.

At your holistic consultation, we review your history with you and go over your goals for your health improvement.  We also do an HRV (heart rate variability) scan to see how well your body is working as a team. This also tells us how open your nervous system is to receiving nutrition based help and how well your body adapts to outside stressors. We then do a Nutrition Response Testing evaluation.  This is a non invasive, holistic method of analyzing the body. This evaluation helps us to determine the underlying causes of your symptoms. This also helps us decide which supplements will help your body to rid the interference so that it can self correct and repair properly. Then, you can get your health back!

The second hour long visit is called the report of findings visit. We will schedule that visit with you for less than a week later to go over all of the findings and recommendations and explain how the program works. Our goal is to teach you and your body, how to not only restore your health; but, to also prevent it from falling back into it’s previous state!


MLHWellness_Monica-268 editedFollow Up Holistic Visits

$80 pay as u go or $65 with prepay 12 pack

At your holistic follow up visits, we check to make sure your body is responding properly to the supplement program we have designed for you. We make any necessary adjustments to the program to help your body have the optimal response. We also have you keep a weekly food log and we review your food log with you and make gradual suggestions each week to help your body have the best possible fuel to do it’s job! This follow up visit is $80 if you pay as you go and $65 if you buy the prepay package for a total savings of $215. This includes a free re evaluation (normally $35) at the end of the package to assess your progress on the program and how much further you have to go!

Your body needs weekly visits in the beginning and then every other week as your body becomes more stable and strong, requiring less supplementation.  The cost of supplements totally vary depending on your body, condition and age etc. and can be anywhere roughly from $350-$550 a month. Usually it costs more in the beginning as your body is stabilizing and requires more support and then goes continually down from there.

The goal is to help the body remove the current stressors holistically by supporting it in a specific way. This is based on your unique body. We test for and advise nutritionally and supplementally to enable the body to restore normal function. This will help build your body to be strong enough to potentially repel future exposure to pathogens and outside stressors so that it can work the way it was supposed to!

The body’s ability to “fight back” is based on a combination of diet and the choices you make with the new knowledge you will gain. We hope this will be a period of education and growth for you and your health. We look forward to helping you achieve your optimum health by treating the source….not the symptom!

Our Goal

Our goal is to teach you and your body, how to not only restore your health; but, to also prevent it from falling back into it’s previous state!

Many conditions and symptoms can be improved and in some cases completely alleviated through following this customized program and our recommendations! We have seen results and lab improvements in some cases of Hashimotos, Graves, IBS, IBD, diabetes, Lymes and more. We have also seen people’s environmental allergies and even food sensitivities dissipate and sometimes disappear completely! Women who have had trouble getting or staying pregnant have reported happy, healthy pregnancies after completing our program.Restoring your body’s ability to do its job properly is the key to optimum health. Call us today and let’s see what we can do to help you “treat the source…not the symptom”. Take your health back today!

Please note: Our program is about going to the underlying issue of your symptoms and helping your body correct things from the inside at the source of the dysfunction.  This varies from person to person and you would be put on a program tailor made just for your body! We don’t offer a “quick fix” solution in one visit since the body doesn’t work that way and we don’t want to just give you a bandaid.

This is an ongoing program that requires weekly visits until your body stabilizes. The visits become less frequent as your body stabilizes. We need adjust your dosing and supplements and diet because the body’s needs will change as it’s repairing from week to week.  We are not able to just give you a list of supplements to take since regular monitoring is required. An average person takes approximately a year to complete the program fully into maintenance; but, this can vary depending on your diet and medications you may be taking.

Our motto is “treat the source…not the symptom!” We look forward to helping you get back to you health and can’t wait to meet you!

  • Please understand that we are not a medical office and this program is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.
  • We use a program high in animal protein and are not able to accommodate vegetarians at this time.
  • Not suitable for women pregnant, breast feeding or currently trying to get pregnant
  • Must be 18 or older
  • MLH Wellness reserves the right to refuse service.  If at any point, we don’t feel this is a good fit, we will guide you elsewhere to other options that might be better suited to your needs. In turn, if at any point you don’t feel this is a good fit for you, you may seek alternative options.

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Hours of Operation & Other Holistic FAQ

  • Diet: We use a diet high in animal protein and supplements with animal products which is essential in order for your body to do the repair and recovery work required of it. Unfortunately, if you are a vegetarian, we are not able to support your needs with this program at this time.
  • Office Hours:12pm-7pm Monday through Thursday
  • Cancellation Policy: We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  You will be charged the cost of the visit if you are a no show or if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment during business hours Monday through Thursday 12-7pm. Thank you for understanding!
  • Does this work for vegetarians?: We do use a program high in animal protein and are not able to accommodate vegetarians at this time unfortunately. Thank you for understanding!  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions about this and we can provide you articles to read about this.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service.  If at any point, we don’t feel this is a good fit, we will guide you elsewhere to other options that might be better suited to your needs.
  • Can I use my insurance?  Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this since what we do is considered “nutrition” and insurance does not cover nutrition.
  • How long will I be on this program?  It totally varies from person to person so it’s hard to say without knowing your history and seeing you in person. I can tell you that it did take time for your health to get into it’s current state so it will take time to reverse it. We don’t have a quick fix because there really is no such thing as a quick fix. Any “quickie” solutions are really just a band-aid that will present as more or different symptoms down the road. We work by going to the underlying source and  you should be able to start feeling a difference in as soon as 4-6 weeks if not sooner. The average length of time on the program is approximately a year to get into maintenance but we have a much better idea of that once you have your re evaluation visit after the first 3 months!
  • Can I stay on my current supplements?  In most cases, it interferes with our program because many supplements you are using to support your body today, are working in a “band-aid” capacity, making you feel good but not addressing the underlying issue specifically as we do. Those supplements can be an interference to the program but we are happy to test them for you to be sure. Even if you need to go off them temporarily for now to avoid interference with the program, it does not mean you can’t go back on them at a later date once we’ve accomplished our goals with your immune system rebuilding and support. For more information about some of the problems with many over the counter supplements, please click here. There is also
  • Can you do this program while on medications?  Yes! We are able to and have no problem working around most medications your current doc has you on. We will ask you for a list of what you are taking before you come in so that we can determine if anything we do may be a conflict for the combination of meds that you are taking.
  • For additional frequently asked questions and answers, please go to our FAQ’s at this link.

If we can’t accommodate your schedule, please let us know so we can try to work something out for you! We want to make your commitment to your health as easy as possible.