As a healthy person who always wants to be my healthiest, working with Monica has taken me to another level, and it's been a great education for me as well. I have gotten great insight through the testing, and have felt very empowered by Monica's process. Though my situation was good at the outset, I can say that my digestion is better then ever, especially when I travel which is when I have noticed in the past that my system would slow down. In addition, I have always had days from time to time when I would feel achy, and those days are now behind me.

Sally K.

I was suffering with food allergies, terrible headaches, bloating/edema, PMS, fatigue, kidney pain, lower back pain, constipation, candida and intestinal parasites. I was a mess! At the recommendation of a friend who had great success with Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) I found MLH Wellness online. Monica found that my symptoms were being caused a serious fungus an heavy metal burden. After a few months of working with Monica, taking my supplements and adhering to the diet as best I could, I began feeling so much better. The first things I noticed were an improvement in my skin tone (my face had lost the redness around my nose and mouth), my hair and nails were stronger and my headaches began to go away. My kidney pain all together went away. My lifelong intense PMS symptoms began to dissipate to the point where I actually don't have it ‐ a miracle in itself! My stomach no longer pooches out after a meal. Once I had my remaining mercury fillings removed my program progressed at a much faster rate and I've seen huge changes in my progress.

Starting a program at MLH Wellness has literally changed my life.Monica is awesome, she's like a super cool big sister who has been there, done that and understands what it's like to feel awful but not know why. She's equal parts tough love and health guru with just enough moxy and sweetness to make me look forward to my visits with her. Her staff is super responsive, emails and phone calls are responded to immediately. If I have questions or if something isn't feeling quite right I know that I can call anytime and get the help I need. I have recommended Monica to all of my friends and would encourage anyone who is interested in taking control of their health to go to MLH Wellness.

Marika K.

I always appreciate a doctor or wellness specialist who wants to get to the cause of a symptom and not just treat the symptom. I went to Monica to help me get rid of allergies to my own cats and I have been very impressed with the progress I have made after just a couple of months. There was actually a noticeable difference within a week, but the total resolution of the allergy has been inhibited only by my inability to stick 100% with the dietary program suggested to build up my nervous system, immune system and a realignment of my whole constitutional health.

I have also lost weight as a result of the dietary changes and I can highly recommend Monica's services to anyone with any nagging health issue.

Kartar D.

Monica is the greatest! She uses muscle response testing and mainly Standard Process supplements in her work. After three months I lost weight, had more energy, and am sleeping better. I highly recommend her.


I went to see Monica Hershaft because I had chronic headaches for three months and I got tired of taking advil, excedrin or alieve every day...or twice a day. My regular doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants which I thought was ridiculous considering I'm one of the happiest people I know.

I did my research on Nutritional Response Testing and it all made sense to me. Additionally, Monica's warm and energetic personality totally drew me in. After just a few days of following her advice and nutritional/supplements program, my headaches stopped. It has been two weeks now and still no headaches. That's after THREE months of pain every day. Additionally, some of my nut allergies have gone away and I'm sure as I continue with her program - all of them will.

I understand such quick results are not common but I'm totally excited. I look forward to our weekly meetings and what she will instruct me to do next.

Finally, Monica is very affordable. If you have ANY health issues whatsoever or just want to feel better, more healthy and energetic all around, go see her. You will not regret it :)

- Julia S.

Since seeing Monica my son, husband and I have all experienced remarkable transformations. No doubt the program and it's nutritional requirements is challenging and requires endurance, dedication and willpower but the results are rewarding and downright astounding.

My five year old who had frequent bouts of asthma, has not been sick in a year. We used to dread having to give him the inhaler and see the kinds of behavioral problems and side effects kick in. Now he no longer needs an inhaler, has become an incredibly settled, focused and contented child without the kinds of behavior problems and emotional outbursts so commonly seen in kids his age. I also stopped the constant mood swings and moodiness associated with women getting older, my energy level is up and I have also lost the weight that often comes with getting older. I am not having the digestive issues I once had and I also find myself less combative and overall feel more content too.

After seeing the results and working with her over the past year, I trust Monica. I feel so confident in her treatments that I know when I see her, even after a bad week, she will give us her full attention and that when we leave with a new program we will feel great again and be back on track in no time-really, the results are surprisingly quick.

– Fanee A.

After my second visit for the Asyra remedies…..within days I felt an extreme sense of peace and calmness come over me. Emotionally I felt like a new person.

- Dr. Jan Head

Before I started with Monica, I had seen many western doctors and eastern holistic practitioners who gave me the run around for months on treatments, diets, diagnostic tests, and although some remedies gave me some relief and some idea of what I was suffering from, I was unable to cure my illnesses. Physically, I could not stand for any length of time, I had daily blood in stool, abdominal pain, fatigue, cramps, achiness all over, and would repeating wake up every night 2-6x each night. Basically, I was suffering from parasites/ metals/ and a 1 and 3/4inch tear in my colon, emotional turmoil, and needed a lot of help.

In the past 9 nine weeks I have definitely seen improvements. I have more energy, strength, I sleep better, some days were blood free because my tear is now only 3/4 of an inch, and I even catch myself able to stand up here and there. I spent 43 weeks in so much pain, fear, and anguish, and even though it might not look like much, these improvements are total miracles to me! The treatment is pricey, and diet is boring and extremely difficult, but I promise you I'm so happy I found Monica. She's my angel. She had the same awful stuff I have and it's so great to be able to relate to someone about what I'm going through who knows how to treat it. She is a total stand for me and my health! Together we are going to get me all better!

Thanks Monica. May you be blessed 100 times over for helping me.

– M.T.

A year ago I was out with friends and I remember having a migraine so bad I had to leave my wife and walk home alone. I was seriously afraid I wasn't going to make it home , dry heaving my way to my apartment. That's when I said to myself... something needs to change.

I had chronic pain, 6 sessions of epidural shots, regular weekly pain management appointments, I was taking 4 different pain pills, 1 pill for seizures, 1 for migraines. In the course of 3 years I spent more than $50,000 on MRI's and visits to every specialist I could get an appointment with. Not a single one of the Doc's could say what was wrong with me.

In walks MLH... within months I was off all the meds and on the road to solving the cause of the symptoms and not just treating the symptoms them self.

I think there is still a long road ahead but I'm confident I am finally moving forward with my health.

– G. Cohan

From my first appointment, Monica/ MLH Wellness has inspired me with her professionalism, thoroughness and her keen insights into the body. She knows her stuff! I'm so thankful I took the step to work with Monica and highly recommend her for anyone wanting optimal health.

- Laurie H.

I have to tell you that I've been dealing with allergies my whole life, I just didn't quite realize it and in the last year they've really been affecting my quality of life (to the point that it was painful to wear my contacts and makeup!). Thanks to a couple of amazing women, I discovered someone who could actually help me get to the bottom of the allergies and get rid of my symptoms. It's beyond amazing and I am so grateful to Monica Hershaft of MLH Wellness for her caring and dedication.

I highly recommend you check her out if you have anything you've just been dealing with and are ready to take action. It's definitely a process and I've had to give up some of my favorite foods for the time being, but it's been WELL worth it! (Plus, I've lost a couple of pounds without trying!)

Catherine C.

First time I went to a doctor I was 19 and suffering from severe panic attacks. I would feel like my heart was literally about to explode and I would get so exhausted I ended up in bed for weeks and I couldn't eat anything. A few years later my hair started falling out. It was sudden and extreme. There was hair EVERYWHERE and it was extremely emotional. I can't quite explain what a horrible experience it is. Being in the modeling industry made it worse. Not knowing the cause or what to do to fix it was the worst part. Vitamins and shampoos did nothing. I felt powerless and hopeless. That's when I met Monica. I went to see her and instantly got an answer and finally I had found someone who understood me and my distress.

Here's the interesting part. Along side the hair loss I had other problems. Things I thought were normal for me. I would get warts under my feet repeatedly, my knees have always ached and I had problems running, when I tanned I had white dry spots on my skin and I've always suffered from acne. I had severe menstrual cramps to the point where I had to stay in bed for a few days each month and take pain medication. As I was doing Monica's program all these issues went away. I don't cramp at all anymore and my menstrual days are cut in half. It's amazing! I run with no pain, my skin is clear and the warts are gone. And best of all, the panic attacks are gone!

Seeing Monica was the best thing I ever did. I am so grateful for her and lucky to have met her. Not only did she "fix me", but through this process I learned so much about how the body works and about diet and its affect on us, how everything affects us. It changed my life and the way I view things and I make conscious choices daily, little things anyone can do, to keep my health optimal. It's a fascinating program and it's tailored to each body as each body is different. It just makes sense.

Anna B.

I have been battling candida, skin rashes and other irritations for years when I first came to Monica a few months ago. I am now rash‐free and feeling light, happy and healthy as a result of her treatments. She is knowledgeable, quick to determine what is at the root of your symptoms, really cleaning house with the use of supplements and herbs and refining my diet. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a deeper, more refined level of healing, she's terrific!

Jill L.

Before seeing Monica, I had spent YEARS trying to find a practitioner and/or program to help me heal from my physical and emotional issues. My issues were chronic acid reflux, sugar addiction, fatigue, hypothyroid, anxiety, and depression. Not only that, I was a recent cancer survivor! I felt drained both emotionally and physically.

I've only been on Monica's program for almost a month and I've felt about 75% better!! Her expertise in Nutrition Response Testing, as well as other technologies such as the ASYRA, has been the Holy Grail I've been searching for all these years - no kidding!! My only regret is that I wish I had met her sooner!!! Monica is professional, competent, and caring. I also appreciate that she is available to answer my questions outside of our scheduled appointments. That is a huge bonus and means a lot to me.


MLH Wellness offers a unique approach to healthcare. As a holistic doctor and former cancer scientist, I'm always skeptical of novel therapies and methods of diagnosis but Monica's approach is sound and just fascinating!

She is incredibly thorough and has the ability to do a review of systems that is just not possible with most other modalities.

Monica also has a wonderful bedside manner and is very patient...even with an impatient doctor like myself! I very highly recommend her and her unique treatments.


- Dr. Mike Pangelinan

I've been seeing Monica for about 5 weeks now & I have seen a significant change in my wellbeing. I have uterine fibroid tumors that have reappeared only 6 years after fibroid removal surgery; an overactive thyroid which makes my hair fall out, gives me extreme dandruff, swollen feet, and severe stomach bloating (I look 4 months pregnant!) Also, I have extremely low energy because of the thyroid & don't want to do much of anything at all because of it.

Since seeing Monica, I have more energy, my dandruff problem is GONE, my feet don't swell up anymore and the lump in my throat (thyroid) is significantly smaller. I still have a ways to go, but I am optimistic and very grateful for Monica & her assistant Jenni and the amazing work they do!

If you have ANY health problems, have a consultation with Monica. I have tried the traditional Western medicine approach (better know as the "pill poppin" and/or surgery approach) only to see my ailments come right back again. What's different about Monica is... she doesn't cover up illnesses, she cures them!

– Kimberly L.

I am not exaggerating when I say Monica/MLH Wellness gave me my life back! I had suffered for years with unexplainable exhaustion and foggy brain....I felt like I had Alzheimer's. Doctors I went to all suggested anti-depressants. Which made me really angry. I wasn't depressed... there was something making me feel horrible. On my first visit, Monica was able to validate all these strange symptoms I was having and FIND SOLUTIONS. It's absolutely, unbelievable how much better I feel. She is fantastic.

Also, my son started having extreme abdominal pain and vomiting that was lasting for weeks. Again, no doctor could find the solution, but said that he would need to be on medication the rest of his life to control the pain. I took him to Monica. After the first visit, my son's vomiting stopped and the pain began to diminish. After a few weeks on her program he is completely back to normal!!! Monica went above and beyond....literally spending hours with us getting my son's program perfect. Can you imagine a doctor spending hours with you? Her talent and dedication blow me away. She is amazing at healing people and she's an incredible person too. I highly, highly recommend her.

– Amanda S.

Monica is like a breath of fresh air in the wellness industry. Her services are stellar and she has helped me so much. I had been to numerous doctors and no one could explain my symptoms. She was the first person to understand and tell me why I was feeling the way I was.

Monica is incredibly knowledgeable, detailed, thorough and most of all intuitive and compassionate. She truly cares for her clients and I feel that every time I am in her presence. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. I am so glad I found her.

– Jenna S.

MLH Wellness is great. Monica is very thoughtful, thorough and understanding. Simply said, she's really good at what she does. Her holistic and natural solutions and recommendations have made such a difference. Since going to MLH I have increased energy, I'm not sluggish (I used to have spurts of energy and then they would drop) and my hormones have really evened out. I've been to quite a few holistic well-being centers throughout the US to deal with various ailments (all having to do with stress, lack of energy, etc.) and she is by far the best.

– Heidi N.

I first came to Monica at MLH Wellness when I had allergic reaction that landed me in the emergency room. Nobody in the ER could figure why my throat closed up, they just gave me a shot and send me on my way. Monica figured out the root cause of my reaction and after changing my diet and taking some supplements the problem never happened again. I continue seeing her and we handled many other issues along the way. She is very detail oriented and thorough and as an added plus I always have fun at my appointment. I highly recommend her!!!

– Wendy B.

Monica is amazing, she really knows her stuff and knows how to get to the root cause of things. She's helped me understand more about my body and that what I put in it has a big effect on how I feel. I feel that I have by going through this program made life style changes that are positive, educated and most importantly produced results for me. If you're looking for a magic pill to cure everything this program is not for you, However if you're looking to understand and get rid of the body problems you have, and are serious about it this is the best program I've found so far and I've tried quite a few of them!! Before coming to her I had psoriasis/eczema, a persistent cough, and felt a lack of energy and foggy after eating. Now, the psoriasis/eczema seems to be getting better – I'm still new to the program, the cough is almost gone, and the lack of energy and fogginess is completely gone.

– M.H.